The Official Commencement Address

Here we go.  After 3 long days of consideration I've gone ahead and done this.  Started the blog.  Let's all raise our glasses to a long and prosperous blogging career!

Heard about this website off of G4's Call For Help.  Liked what I saw, and checked it out for real.  Now who says TV rots your brain?


Now Tony keep to the plan… start with the basics. 

It took me probably an hour and a half of active deliberation to settle on the name schoonerhelm for this blog.  Why schoonerhelm?  I'll tell you;  A schooner is a type of ship, derived from a word that I'm told has Scottish roots…  "to Schoon".  The long winded definition of schooning is where a boat is exceeding it's hull speed and is hydroplaneing.  Basically skipping along the water like a skipping stone.  I've never been in a schooning ship but it sounds like such a rush. 

The Helm aspect is something I've always been fascinated with.  Piloting a ship… any ship,  Doesn't matter if that ship runs by wind, coal, diesel, nuclear reactor or antimatter.  I don't care.  It's being in control of the instrument of your freedom.  Jack Sparrow said it best.  "That's what a ship is.  Freedom."  A romantic concept to be sure.

So that's the origins of my title.  Someone poetic that isn't me might say something like:  "He chose the name as a symbolic way of taking control of a new path to freedom through blogging."  But a person who would say that probably belongs on one of those emo blogs that I would never be able to compete with so good riddance to him.

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