QotD: Global Warming?

Have you noticed a climate change in the area where you live over the past few years?

I suppose after what I said the other day I'm obliged to say something on this, otherwise my adoring fans (both of them) would feel betrayed.

Our summers in Canada are mild and pleasant for the most part but are tempermental.  The one thing we learn to expect is change when it comes to the weather.  A popular expression regarding the weather is; "Don't like it, wait 10 minutes."  For me, it's difficult to track any defining trend in our summers, we Canadians just appreciate them. 

Now the winters, there's something we notice…

I'm sure I'm just propagating more ideas that Canada is nothing but a frozen waistland by saying this, but Winter defines this area.  Canadian's are frendly and helpful because no one ever wants to be left on the side of the road having car troubles in 20 below weather.  We learn what it is to drive in snowstorms at night, how to drive on icy roads without crashing, and how to dress fashonably warm.

The past 3 winters have been interesting, bizarre temperature shifts would cause it to be -40 and +2 Celcius within 2 days had formerly kept most of the snow to slight buildups in the shady spots, and inevitably caused the roads to be treacherously icy.  This all amounting to a winter that seems visually understated by a lack of snow on the ground, but one where driving is quite dangerous.

This past winter has been quite different from it's two predecessors though.  Early November and December started with the same yo-yo temperatures we had become accustomed to, and then in January winter started for-real.  January started warm then went to bitterly cold, and then we got the biggest blizzard I've ever seen in this country.  I remember working late that day, and attempting to drive home in it.  I was plowing through snowdrifts so high I couldn't even see the end of my hood half the time.  Eventually I got stuck in one, but was lucky enough to get pulled out by a farmer who was ferrying a friend home in a tractor (more of that Canadian niceness I spoke of earlier).  I actually managed to get home that night unlike the rest of the crew who took a different road and managed to power-out their truck in a 8 foot snowdrift.  (They took a picture of that drift the next morning which I regrettably don't have to show you.  It was over 15 feet high by morning.)

After that winter was here to stay.  It was the winter that the snowmobilers and skiiers of this company have been dreaming of the past 5 years.  The temperatures were appropriately cold and we've continued to get more and more snow.  The only thing that's been unpleasant about this winter has been it's length.  Truthfully we've only started to see real thawing 3 days ago, and now it's so late in the season that it's thawing quite quickly. Which will be sure to flood the rivers and streams.

So who's to say what will come next year.  The weather will always be something to talk/bitch about,  Thousands of years ago, we sacrificed virgins to the weather gods so they will bestow their favor on us.  Perhaps their harems are getting a bit skimpy up there and they'd like a bit of new flesh…  

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