I’m a Technosexual…


That will be the first and only abbreviation uttered in this blog as I explain what the genius marketers from Calvin Klein are trying to inflict upon the "20-something" "tech-user" demographic that I'm a part of.

On March 21'st Calvin Klein released this to reuters.  Releasing a new fragrance line for avatars in the virtual world ran by Linden Lab's Second Life.  I'm not even going to get into what ever crazy corporate logic makes ck think that they can market a fucking smell in a virtual world.  No, instead I'm going to focus on their take on us as consumers.

"ck IN2U speaks the language of a generation connected by technology – the aptly named technosexuals, a term that Calvin Klein has trademarked," says Lori Singer, VP of Global Marketing, Calvin Klein Fragrances. "They are the first generation to be defined more by their means of communication rather than fashion or music."

The audacity of this statement stuns me.  A few shorthand txt-type catch phrases like "what are you IN2" speaks the language of this generation? 

Yes. It's true, this generation is more defined by communication than fashon or music, that they aren't wrong on. However Calvin Klein Fragrances didn't explore the implications of that statement;  communication and sales has become an interactive experience.  This means that "technosexuals" are deciding what to buy based on actual discussions and experiences.  Not some stupid catch phrase and jingle. 

The fashon world is phenominally out of touch with the standard web 2.0 user.  Generations before could be told what was cool and trendy, today this is not the case.   Wit and Wisdom is what's cool and trendy in the web 2.0 world, and "style" is now seperate from "fashon".  Those that get the most respect in a virtual world or on a blog are those that are creative and original, which is what this generation is about. 

So good try defining us Calvin Klein, but your multi-million dollar marketing campaign to sell fragrance in a scentless world probably isn't going do so well. 

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