Birthday Celebrations During a Festival of Rebirth

Ah poor blog I've sadly neglected you this past week.  In my defence I've been quite busy working on gathering scads of subject matter to grace you and hopefully impress my readers with my eloquence and insightfulness.  Thursday evening I gathered with a handful of friends who celebrated the anniversary of my birth with dinner and drinking.  My birthday is not actually slated to occur until Friday the 13th but I'm due to be back out at work during that time, so we had an unbirthday celebration on the holiday the Christians call Holy Thursday.

It's interesting that Easter is the single western Holiday that falls not on a specific day of the year but according to the lunar cycle.  Doesn't make sense really does it… Jesus was born on a specific day (allegedly) but why doesn't he die on another specific day…  the Romans had great calendars to keep track of things… very peculiar.  Or is it?

There was once a time when the Druidic religion was spread all across all of the greater continent of Europe and into parts of Asia and Africa.  Rome being the great empire of the time assimilated this religion into it's polyglot as it conquered the Celtic peoples.  As Christianity overtook Roman society it maintained this assimilative stance.  Adopt the same festivals of the society you're converting.  As long as the primitive screwheads get to take the same days off from work that they always did before… well who cares what the damn festival is called?

Ancient religions used festivals to celebrate another year without dying.  They praised when the days started getting longer because the sun gave life, they celebrated during the spring in thanks for another winter over and in the hopes of a good and abundant crop to come.  Christianity touches on the same points but calls them something else.  Like; "Your holiday is all wrong.  You should be doing it like this."

Now I don't have a problem with religions carrying doctrine over from predecessors, it makes sense in fact that there are certain universal truths that humanity has understood since before the latest religious fad.  But I do find it frustrating when people begin quoting a book like it's been shat directly from God's arse.  There's no excuse for that sort of ignorance in this modern day, the Bible and it's statements are not the absolute truth.  It is a collection of stories that carry a message that wise individuals considered pertenant to the time it was written in.  It was a book formed by politics and necessity, and while it does have truths in it, one has to understand where it's coming from. 

So this weekend, when you finish gorging on an easter bunny (a symbol of fertility) maybe remember that Easter is a word derived from the word Oestrogen (more fertility sillyness) and before the son of the god of the Jews was tortured, paraided down mainstreet with a tree strapped to his back and nailed to it to rise again two days later, primitive tribes were telling the tails of their ancestors and rejoicing the coming of the spring and praying that their gods be resurrected to bring forth another summer of comfort and bounty.

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