To all those who have commitments on my time:

The snarls aren't personal. 

One of the problems with my life is that I have two.

Two lives.  A work life where I have comittments and people that rely on me for professional support, entertainment, human interaction and a whole mess of things I likely haven't even considered.  And a home life where I have much the same + a spouse that doesn't see me often and likes to collect things.  It is the combination of those two lives that has me at my wits end tonight.  I've been cleaning a house that's beyond cluttered to the point where it could warrant a 2 hour special on HGTV amidst running errands, helping relatives, and getting my truck serviced.  All this while nursing a pulled achillese tendon.  I'm a very calm person, but when I know that I've got two lives pulling me on both ends and I simply don't have time for anything I get sort of testy. 

In fact this blog is a result of me basically telling the world around me to fuck off for a few hours so that I can write.

Then I shot the man who raised his hand and said "but…" 

He'll live, but the paralysis is likely permanent. 

For the rest of you, I'll get to you as I can, but I've got a lot on my plate until mid next week.  Hopefully after that I'll have my life organised to the point where I can juggle things somewhat successfully.

For those of you that don't have the patience…. that was just the round in the chamber, and I've got an extended clip.


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