Bears, May Snow, and Crap Internet

Still out in the mountains, and today it was snowing… not enough to cover us in white, but just enough to make the day generally miserable.  Added to that, with the huge turnaround going on these days we have about 200 people in camp, and thus all the people with computers are hoping to be serviced by the single wireless hub, which I believe has a maximum capacity of 8… yeah, so I’m not having that much luck checking my blog or chatting with my friends. 



It’s not all grey skies and lack of communication though.  A couple days ago, I had the good fortune to drive by a family of Grizzly Bears which were kind enough to pose for me and let me drive nice and close.


I’d like to say, that while I enjoy taking the pictures of the wildlife out here I respect that these are WILD animals.  Out here we’re very serious about never feeding or provoking the bears.  We have to work out here, a bear that equates humans with food will start to move in on our camps and worksites, and may end up having to be shot because it will pose a threat to us.  No one wants that, so we don’t feed the bears.   I never got out of my truck around them either.  The stories about a mother bear around her cubs are quite true, and I prefer not to be mauled. 

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