QotD: The History of S

What sites show up if you type "S" into your browser's address bar?

Tee Hee… One of my Friends Himanshu Gupta thinks "S" will pull up a large amount of porn sites.  And I have a long and very amiable relationship with porn, so let's see if he's right.

http://schoonerhelm.vox.com – *Gasp*  Where'd that come from?  Wait, not porn.

http://secondlife.reuters.com – Warren Ellis writes for these guys, and I'm a low-ranking member in the cult of Warren Ellis.  He's my god.

http://sirensong.googlegroups.com – The community website for the Exalted game I run online.  Not used often, I mostly just transfer files there.

http://www.slutceleb.com  – WOOO!  We have a hit.  Porn!  Only one address though, I must have found this from a TGP site and wasn't impressed, it says Jennifer Jason Leigh was the celeb in question… I don't remember her so she couldn't have been that remarkable.

http://www.spacetime.com – Wait wait… before you start accusing me of being a huge nerd, this isn't some quantum space-theory site, it's a 3D web browser beta site.  Now you can start nerdbashing, I don't mind.

http://www.sublimedirectory.com - A TGP Porn site that I got reccomended to me by Maxim magasine probably 6 years ago.  Me and sublime directory have a long and happy relationship, but I won't go into details about, because I don't kiss and tell.

http://www.sweetdevon.com - She's a lightspeed model, mostly softcore. 

So… 3 out of 7… should I be dissapointed in myself?  I mean, I was once a porn conasseur… now I'm below 50%…

Ultimately I attribute my low porn percentage to a shifting paradigm, the woman's body and the sexual act aren't as appealing as they once were, I crave the seduction and the intimacy more now.  I've moved more to stories from http://www.literotica.com or the more drawn-out hentai plots, I wish I was better at finding them.


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