A Backwards Look at Feminism

I love women!  Maybe I'll marry one some day.

 But I'm also a guy, and as a guy I have weaknesses.  Powerful pervasive weaknesses that are prone to exploitation.  Legs are one of those weaknesses.  Long soft supple female legs… they're my Kriptonite, make my own go a little weak in the knees.

I'm not saying that I can't appreciate a woman for anything else, or that when I look at a woman all I see is a life support for a pair of legs.  But these days certain activist movements construe my remarks as just that, viewing women as objects.  If I said the above comments to the wrong woman I could be sued or fired from my job.  The feminist movement would crucify me because I admitted my own weakness, that I like pretty over ugly.

Nearly every society on the planet has a background of discrimination against women.  Which is odd if you look at things from a scientific point of view.  Biology shows us that to continue the next generation one man could impregnate many many women after which the entire gender isn't needed.  In mammals, the male is generally larger and stronger than the female, but this is not necessarily a plus.  Evolution tells us that versatility and the ability to adapt, not physical strength, is the trait that wins out.  Whether women have more or less versatility than men I'm sure would be an interesting debate, but I'm not familiar with any of it so I'll say for the sake of my argument that in the mental acuity department the sexes are even. 

This means that while a few males are nice to have around as protection or for heavy lifting, their presence is relatively unneeded because a tiny fraction of males can impregnate as many females as needed and life goes on.

As a man I'm not alone in the fact that an attractive woman makes me vulnerable (and stupid).  It's called being ruled by the little head and it's our problem, not women's.  Coupled with the fact that as a gender we're less needed for the survival of the race means that we have 2 severe weaknesses.  It's my belief that men in ancient societies realised this, and took measures to artificially tip the balance in their favor.  Original Sin, the concept created by the Christian church, meaning it was not Adam who got tempted by the devil, but EVE who fucked up and is the reason why our lives are crap – is a not so-subtle mechanism for this.

Think about that for a second.  A MYTH, a story that can never be verified, is one of the premier reasons why women have been second-class citizens in the western world for the last 1500 years.  This is no coincidence, God did not crap out the Bible in it's full hardcover published form and just command us to read it.  Everything in the Bible was conciously chosen by the church from a massive library of potential content and was then revised a myriad of times until every aspect of it spouted out just the right message to the unwashed masses.  So does this mean that the church wanted women to be discriminated against?  Absolutely!

With that in mind you can see that it's been an uphill battle for feminism.  Tried and true concepts like dowrys and male-only inheritance that have existed for nearly 2 millenia had to be re examined and discarded, for women to get something even resembling an equal say in our society, but they've nearly closed the gap in a single century.  I say bravo, good job, hard fight, but I'm not suprised.  Women always had us off balance with their pretty smells and soft skin.  Men can only band together so much before women, armed with sexyness and gender equality bust up our little cliques and turn the tables.  I just hope they have the graciousness to smoothe our ego's and say they still love us when they do.

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2 Responses to A Backwards Look at Feminism

  1. mfn says:

    I like your last line. I hope for that too.

  2. Metoldy. says:

    I like ur Point
    that gives a reason why our society is the way it is
    man have it off easy
    woman they r judged for every lil thing they do
    gain weight,to skinny,on and on i can do
    when a man have sex with 10 woman wut does he get called by his friend a stud,when a woman sleeps with 1o man wut does she get called a whore,a slut…….man r rarely judged
    woman alos think of man as objects
    most woman will not date an ugly or not so attractive guy bcuz hes not as hot as them and they can do better or bcuz there friends dont aprove
    its bull shit man
    i hate it
    why does this race have to be so judgemental?
    GGGRGGRGGRGRG I like ur blogger well done

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