Learning the Ways of the World


Today's theme is live and learn.

I'm doing something I don't often do, which is writing a blog from home.  I've sadly been delinquent in my writing this last week because my attention to the goings on in the world via news has been put on hold to devote nearly all of my attention to my friends in the game I run.  I don't often write about these friends for the same reasons most bloggers don't write about the personal things they go through with people who might read their blog.  Needless to say I've been sorting out drama and getting people's peeves addressed which is a lot of work.  I've found that I cannot stop the drama, I can anticipate it, but when it comes to people's feelings you can only deal with the problems once they come up… I can handle these things, I've proven that many times, now I just need to relax and let them come when they do.

Yesterday I felt like fate's personal chew toy.  Do you ever feel like something is gonna happen to you despite your best efforts?  Well yesterday was like that for me.  It's my first day home in a month, and I had a lot of errand running to do.  When I'm in town there are certain things that come with me, my jacket (not always worn, but usually close) my ipod (used as a flash drive or plugged into my truck sterio for precious tunage), and my cell phone (because I need my electronic leash or I get abandonment issues).  So my first trip out I take these things.  My cell phone clipped to my belt, and my ipod in a leather holster clipped to my hip via my pants pocket.  Before I was even out the door of my apartment I had inadvertently had my ipod slip from my hip, and I left without it.  This caused me a bit of panic while I was down town realising it wasn't on me, but I ran back home and found it with a sigh of relief. 

Then out and about again, had to stop at my office to e-mail a file.  The file was conveniently on my ipod, sorted all that out, and left the office, in the middle of visiting a friend I realise my ipod isn't on me AGAIN.  WTF!  I'd even started taking precautions and was no longer clipping it on my pocket, but on my belt instead, and I was being paranoid checking to see all was there every 5 minutes.  Right that minute my boss phones me to tell me I left the damn thing at the office.  *phew* So no big, two bullets dodged and I retrieve my wayward gadget.

Later that evening I got home, Tash was cooking dinner and I was helping get my truck ready for the big trip that would have happened today.  I had to run down to the truck to get the last of the things cluttering up my back seat.  Somewhere on that trip I'm certain my cell phone fell off my belt without me realising it.  Now 30 seconds after I made that trip down to the truck it started to storm… and I mean STORM!  I'm talking 3 feet of visibility, driving winds, instantly flood everything kind of storm, it lasted for half an hour, and it was easily the most intense rainstorm I've ever seen in my life.  If my cellphone fell where I think it fell, I think it's probably in the river 2 miles south right now.

What's up with this?  It's not my first day with these things, it's not me trying out new holsters, or a new belt, or anything like that?  So why is it that my expensive things all of a sudden feel drawn away from me?  I don't lose these things, normally, I'm a creature of habit placing them in the same few places every time so I know where they are when I need them, and I make sure I have the accessories that keep them safe and in good condition. 

Thus I believe that one way or another I was fated to lose something… I can only hope that now that whatever force was demanding the sacrifice is now sated, or I'm in for a very long week.

Now to go buy a new cell phone.

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