Wii Fit

The last 2 day's I've been watching E3 presented by G4 like how beauty agents were watched in the 60's.  I've been impressed with what I've seen so far, but now they're on the presentation for the Wii Balance Board and I've got to express my amazement.  This is an absolutely phenomenal idea and I think it's going to revolutionize the way we see video games in our lives. 

With all the controversy surrounding the negative effects of video games Nintendo is rising above the din of negativity and bring out something that's going to please everyone and simultaneously raise the bar for video game designers all over the world. 

The Wii Balance Board looks like a cross between an aerobics board and a bathroom scale.  In fact it functions much like a scale, measuring the body mass index.  (Which was demonstrated to the embarassment to one of the Nintendo Presenters).  But it's more than that, much more.  Measuring movement, weight shifts and I believe disruptions in it's perimeter field, the Wii Balance Board offers gameplay by doing controlled full-body movements.  Fitness software was even demonstrated, which showed precise yoga-like and tai-chi movements, aerobics, push-ups, and soccer ball heading among other things. 

This looks like a revolution in interactive fitness, and it's going to take Nintendo beyond the association of video games.

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