Descriptions from the Pages of Skype History

One of the things I do out here other than blogging is run a Role-Playing Game over Skype.  It's been going on for a while, and it's been the outlet for my creative energies, which means you get more personal opininons and snippets of news on my blog than story ideas and whatnot.  But today as a random post I'll throw down some of the quickly typed descriptions that I do in Skype, this is unedited and usually thought up on the fly so it might come across as a bit raw, hope you guys like it.

The Golden City of Divine Light, is a glorious spectacle.  It’s walls are nearly a perfect circle constructed entirely of white marble with Gold Veins, in the center you see a spectacularly huge tower rimmed by 6 smaller but still massive towers, on top of a tesseract style hexagonal pyramid of 8 levels, each level over 30 feet to the next.  Around the temple is the gloriously beautiful squalor of the city it’s self.  All of the roofs are uniformly golden, and every main street is clean and pearl-white.  Just within the walls are 16 shining temples to all the major gods including the Uncoquered Sun, who’s temple is a topped with a massive golden sun.  Luna, and the 5 maidens, along with a single temple venerating the elemental dragons.
Overlooking the bay is the massive imperial castle-manse composed of  mother-of-pearl and Gold where the emperor would reside.  While not as imposing as the great temple, it overlooks the city from high upon a hill with a great golden tower looking out over the land.


Superfluous Blossom of Lithe Destruction is like many fair folk an exemplary example of the Raksha race.  Standing high and lithe, his skin a perfect mark-less ivory sheen.  His face smooth and ovular with eyes entirely black they seem limitless like the depths of the night.  His fingernails, perfectly shaped claws, match this blackness.  His ears are the long flowing tipped ears often seen on the raksha.  The tips of these ears are pierced and through the holes run crimson sashes which flow of their own accord like boiling blood.  These sashes connect behind him to form a lovely cape that trails behind him, sometimes moving or making shapes in the light like an animate shadow.


The rest of his clothing is black leather straps, concealing every part of flesh below his chin in a seemingly random array of crossing weaves.  One wonders if there is even a body beneath the straps and buckles at all.  His hands are white talons, each tipped with an ebony black claw, but they are surprisingly articulate as they move around gracefully offering beverages or handing out cups and platters.


He resides high in the trunk of a massive redwood, at one of the highest most affluent areas of Chanta.  The Branches of the high tree have been hollowed out to create wings, and balconies for this lovely and novel home.  Inside it is gilded with glamour crafted wonder, each nook and cranny is decorated with a unique item like a flower that dances, or a picture crafted from flower buds that open and close to change the picture as you look at it.


He hands you refreshments, some seeming Wyld as well.  The cheese on your cracker puffs little smoke rings from it's holes.  And the coatings on the cookies shine like emeralds.


The manse is embedded in a cave, which rises and falls with the tides, it’s great dead shell perpetually open.  The entire cave has a constant odor of rotton fish, and thus is not pleasant to be in despite the pleasant music that seems to echo along the walls.


A pathway along the side of the cave above the tide line skirts the edge of the edge of the shell, which is covered in seaweed and barnacles, but glimmers of the original mother of pearl can still be seen, while the white Jade at the top of the open shell stripes the white coral like a spiderweb, framing it’s jagged lid, the pathway arches up past the massive shell, which reaches up nearly 150 feet into the vaulted ceiling of the cave.  Two great stone columns stretch up from the water on each side of the shell to support the ceiling which is a 30 feet from the top of the shell in high tide.


Just above the shell’s peak the pathway turns into the rock in a tunnel wide enough for two large men to stand side by side comfortably, and 8 feet high.  It’s lit by large pearls protruding from the center of the walls every 30 feet which illuminate the tunnel quite well as it winds up.  The tunnel has two branches, one to the Immaculate Chapel in the Fort, and one to the lower storage cellar of the foundry.

All along the banks of the river lie small trees about 15 feet high each of them with wide but thin widespread branches.  The Branches and trunk are a frosty white like the tree is covered in snow, and the small pointed leaves are a faded green, and white blossoms hang down from the branches like a lovely veil the lowest of which float in the water.

Five shimmering gondolas with lanterns on their prows appear across the misty water illuminating the hundreds of thousands of lavender moths dancing above the water around them.  Each gondola is white with silver ivy embossed across it which reflects the moonlight at the stern of each of them is a strong looking man with stark white skin pushing the boat along.

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