QotD: Little Known Facts

What are five things that most people don't know about you? 
Submitted by mika.

I took a few days to think about this one.

1.)  I have the shakes.  I try to hide them, but sometimes they can be quite bad.  I've been told they're associated with nerves though occasionally I wonder if they're a symptom of onset diabetes.

2.) The worst years of my life were junior high and high school, I was picked on a lot but no one ever tried to fight me because I could bench-press over 200lbs.

3.) I've always written stories to escape reality.  In school I created a character called Tain Febren who was essentially all the things I wish I could be.  I wrote many stories about him.  I still do.

4.) I don't believe in good and evil.

5.) Nothing turns me off more than zelousness.  In religion, politics, or lifestyle.  All bug me.  I like to examine the angles but things are never black and white.  To that end I truly admire those who can carry their beliefs with grace and understanding of others who might not share those beliefs. 

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One Response to QotD: Little Known Facts

  1. I hated junior high and high school too. I grew up in a redneck town so I have a good reason. God! And I agree with #5– I don't like zealousness either or one's attempt to slay people who aren't "churched." Sorry you have the shakes. Maybe it's stress? Of course, that's always my thought. Mainly 'cause I've recently succombed to anxiety medication.

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