I Write this Grinning

This morning I check my e-mail to find a group invitation form foxsydee, she invited me to a dayly participation group.  On gratitude of all things. 


And I think to myself, I'm not that plesant of a person, how would I ever manage to throw down a post a day on what I'm grateful for?  I'm a critic with lots of opinion and no real talent, and I'm okay with that because it gets me by just fine.  Hows a critic gonna be grateful every day for stuff?  So I click DE-LETE and bye bye goes the group invitation, just like that.

Then I go on Vox, and I see some posts from my pals.  I LIKE posts(1).  I make comments, sometimes my comments are big and could be justified as posts unto themselves, sometimes my comments are not.  But I comment a lot, because I know I like comments and I hope other people do too.  And during the course of my commenting I start thinking about my plans for my posts today.  I have 3 blogs that intend to work on these days.  One is this, my personal blog the first and still the favorite(2).  My second is spreadactionize.com a corporate blog for actionize.com which once Mark gets back from vacation and we get some more things sorted out I intend to write more often for. 

Exalted, Second Edition
Alan Alexander

The last is something I got yesterday.  See for the past 2 weeks it's been my intention to get my own domain name and start an independant gaming blog about my experiences and opinions as a gamer.  Stimulate the community I've stalwartly been a part of for the past 10 years.  But I was finding that with a lack of coding knowledge and general understanding of the blogging tools out there I was being indecisive and not getting it started.  The unknown is scary sometimes.

Well two days ago a friend of mine tells me that he has his own domain name for a site he wanted to dedicate to our mutal favorite hobby, Exalted(3).  But he's stumped on content.  And just like that I say, "Put a blog on there and I'll write for it."

And just like that I have my gaming blog, and like always I didn't have to do one bit of scary work, it just HAPPENED!  Am I not the luckiest freak on the planet?!?!?(4)

So I think to myself:  "Self, maybe you should join that gratitude group…  you're a lucky freak and you know it.  Wouldn't it be FUN to tell all those people trying so desperately to be happy and grateful all the things that make you so insanely lucky?  That would probably make them all green with envy."  And I respond to my insightfulness with a grin and a tiny plotting chuckle reminiscant of Mr. Burns escapes my lips. 

Yes, that would be excellent.  I've found a way to join the group without seeming… soft.  And that appeals to me and I now have an outlet to document my absurd fits of luckyness(5).

I look foreward to turning you green with envy. 

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