What do you do?

Every once in a while I'm going to attempt a short demonstration of what I like about Role-Playing.  I'm going to describe a scene that intrigues me and ask you what you would do if you were in that situation.  I don't ask for perfection or depth… but consider the concepts the alien nature of the experience… that's what role-playing is about for me.

One of the scenes from a movie that intrigues me still is from the movie Crash, where the Asian slaves were set free on the streets of LA.  Imagine… you've been taken away from everyone you know and love to be a slave in America.  Then after weeks in transit, rationing your food, in barely livable conditions, you find not only are you no longer a slave, you aren't even beholden the usual amount of money to the snakeheads for being smuggled in. 

You're left on the streets, hungry, but not alone, you have the other once-slaves around you whom you've suffered with these past several weeks.  Around you people walk by uncaring, unknowing of your horrible situation and your miraculous fortune, you are truly starting with nothing.  This is your story, what do you do?

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