What I’ve Been Up to the Past 3 Days:

Hi Voxers.  I've been away. 

Once a month for a few days I get leave from my burrow next to whatever oilfield site I've been planted on to come home to my neglected apartment and my equally neglected girlfriend and cat to spend some of my well-earned moneys. 

This weekend I've been going out to The Garden, a little haven watched over by the parents of some very good friends of mine.  It's lovely private property and secluded in the hills, and my friends have done a wonderful job making it a very homey place to spend their summer.


The garden is actually a very large rock-pit on some private property.  The owner of the pit has Gail and Merle stay on the property to keep people from coming on and vandalizing the equipment or hurting themselves.  And along with the arrangement they've created a lovely garden to grow all sorts of vegetables and a place for kids to play.  The last two day's we've blown off over $500.00 of collectively contributed fireworks in the evenings, and we've contributed to some absolutely delicious fire-cooked meals.

Gail and Merle are salt-of the earth types, they work hard all the time, and impart that hard working spirit on everyone they know.  They're an inspiration to me in that they're proof that it doesn't take money or things to have a life that people would envy.  Through their own sweat and work and the help of their family they've built a little cabin with a tin roof that's still open on one side.  It virtually has all the comforts of home, a table to eat, a sitting area, a wood-fire oven and a hose for water, they sleep in their holiday trailer.


  This Saturday there was a bit of trouble.  After we'd lit off our wonderful fireworks show, we found out that someone had snuck on the property and had started a fire up by some of the equipment.  Then later we discovered that a car had been ditched by a drunk driver who was pretty beat up.  We called the ambulance and sent him to the hospital, and afterwards when the tow truck arrived we found a bunch of tools stolen from where the fire was started.  He could have gotten away free if he wasn't a drunk idiot and crashed his car.  The idiocy of the criminal element in this town make me laugh. 

Anyway, after the whole ordeal, it turns out that Tash and I might be getting a key to the gate here, which would be just amazing. 

I'll apologize for the rambling unedited post, but I've been crazy busy lately and with everything going on I've not had time to devote to a nicely formed blog.  Hope it's readable. 

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