A Glorous Thing

I may not have ranted on here much but I despise conventional new broadcasting.  And it appears I'm not alone because some of the oldest networks are finding their viewer base decaying under them.  There's a ton of reasons why this is, but I attribute it mostly to too fucking much crap not-news and fear mongering. 

Two shining beacons of hope in this sea of shit have been consistently Attack of the Show and X-Play, now admittedly X-Play isn't quite news…. but both shows take dry(ish) topics and make them interesting!  Now Morgan Webb co host of X-Play is web casting more NEWS!  I have to support her.  Let me count down the reasons why:

  • She's soooooo gorgeous.
  • She's got snappy wit.
  • She's SMART!

So check out Webb Alert, subscribe to the Podcast, the RSS, and Embed her Widget.  Spread Morgan all over the internet, and then vote her in for Prime Minister.  (She's Canadian, so she can't be President, sorry guys, your loss.)


Webb Alert

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One Response to A Glorous Thing

  1. Teki says:

    I can't stand some of those shows on G4. It quickly stopped being about games and just a collection of skits I was never fond of. The only gaming show I watch right now is Game Head.

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