For those of you who can…

Since I've started blogging there have been a few people I've found here that are so excellent, so genuine and strike such a perfect chord with my own thoughts and opinions that I've grown to honestly care for their well-being. 

One of those people is Faerie Wings.  Lately in her posts she's been suffering a bout of infection and as she's starting to recover from it her husband has come down with the same.  Throughout her ordeal I tried to offer my own particular brand of cheerful humor to help her along, and when I could not think of anything else funny to say I decided to help her out with something more tangiable. 

Both Faerie Wings and her husband are both very industrious and creative, and have an Etsy site with some great handmade crafts.  I picked one out for my girlfriend's upcoming birthday and bought it.  Neither of them are wealthy people and they work hard for every dollar they make and with both of them sick I knew they'd be stretched.  I would have sent the money on it's own, but I don't think she would have accepted it. 

Then today I see this.  I'd hoped it wasn't this dire, but I guess it is. 

I'm not posting this to toot my own horn, I'm doing this because Faerie Wings needs help.  So if any of you are in a situation to pick up her crafts please take a look.

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One Response to For those of you who can…

  1. faerie~wings says:

    Oh, my God… This made me cry, then I had to go collect my thoughts for a while. You should know that in real life I'm usually the one picking up the pieces- people very, very rarely go out of their way to help me, and when I do ask for help the situation is generally extremely dire. And I probably wouldn't have taken money from you had you offered! Even knowing that you bought from me with sympathy as even the slightest motivator at first made me feel really guilty, and then when I saw this post and realized the extent of your compassion, well… You are a truly good person, and there aren't many of those on this planet. I am sincerely grateful to have you in my life.

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