Halp! (Blackberry Powerpoint Presentations)

Okay.  Apparently I have a reputation for knowing my way around gadgets and the like and today that reputation comes to bite me in the ass. 

My good friend Coll has a computer inept boss who has a blackberry and wants to know how to do powerpoint presentations on it… normally I'd say "Sure no problem."  But I've not worked with powerpoint ever and not with any sort of projector since the mid-90's. 

Give me 5 minutes with the eqipment and I'd have figured out.  But I don't have it and Coll and her boss are a few thousand miles away… so I'm kinda stuck.  I'm certain some of you have used this stuff before so could you point me to the best forum's or blogs to help her out?

Mostly my concerns are related to the various projectors and compatability.  He wants a mobile powerpoint solution, but I just don't know how standardised the projectors are nowadays… do they all have bluetooth or USB?  Do they take the powerpoint file and read it themselves, or are they simply projecting the slides the laptop or blackberry feeds them? 

Any help would be most appreciated.

(Oh did I mention that he wants her to figure this out, but her office won't give her access to the goddam internet!  She's a DOCTOR!!!  I swear if I put myself through 10 years of school I would so not tolerate that BS.)

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