Trends of the 00’s

It's not the second half of 2007, we are firmly into the new millenia, and I've been pondering the hallmarks of this decade.  I was a toddler through the 80's, a school-kid during the 90's and a burgeoning adult in this decade, as we're coming up on the home stretch I feel I'm seeing some of the patterns.  I may try to gather these thoughts into something more cohesive later and make it into a stronger post… but right now here's some thoughts.


Gone are the baggy clothes of the 90's.  We now wear clothing that fits us again.  The first half of this decade pushed the snarky phrases on tee-shirts, which is now on the downswing, replaced with shirts bearing asimmetrical tattoo designs.  The concept of goth has now fully fallen away and has been replaced by Emo which seems almost universally reviled.  Though when I saw Skype now has an emo emoticon, I knew it would be one of the prevailing legacies of the decade.


Trendy people wear logo's, they have for the past 30 years.  We wear them like badges of status.  Trademarks have been a newer phenominon, and some never really go away.  The 70's and 80's gave rise to people wearing their favorite bands on a teeshirt, which never truly died.  In the 80's the shoes you wore became hugely important.  My experience with the most prevailant trademarks in the 90's was sterios.  Your true status lay in what name was on the amp in your backseat or in your home-entertainment system.

Now, it's gadgets.  The last 3 years apple has taken over the status symbol market.  The razr was popular for 2 years, now blackberry is a strong topic, and some of the smaller names like the sidekick have been extremely trendy in certain circles.  White earbuds became a fashon statement.  Digital Media has finally become mainstream and despite the constant opposition from corporations is being backed by hardware manufacturers all over. 


TV on Cell phones, printed press, and conventional broadcasting is starting to slip.  Blogs are becoming the way to keep in-touch with news.  Naysayers call them astroturf (term for "artificial grass-roots movement") but they're picking up more and more momentum.  Now political candidates are trying to figure out how to harnass the internet's power to get themselves votes.  There's a Web 2.0 fashon thingy somewhere in there, but I've yet to upgrade my browser… and I'm still trying to figure out why LOLcats with their unconventional syntax are so damn popular.  *Meow*

That's it for now… I'll think on this later.

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