W(here)TF is Toe Knee?

In OJAY, that's where!

Yeah, since my nice Rig moved into that "other" province I've been working up in the mountains again.  Cell service sucks up here (though if you wanna get technical there would have to actually BE some for it to suck…) but BP shelled out big bucks to bring in a Sattelite network including INTERNET!  And everyone knows… you can stick me right up the biggest stinkiest asshole of the world and I won't complain as long as you give me internet. 

As always the mountains are nice, and the driving is actually improving… which was a big shock, but even with nice regular internet access I'm finding I have so little time to devote to Vox or my online Exalted game.  I'll try to explain why. 

About 2 months ago I was contacted by Kristen who introduced me to Mark who wanted me to do a promotional blog for Actionize.  So I started the blog, but Mark wanted to develop some further marketing and advertising ventures… which I attempted to take on.  Now I'm not a marketer, but my best friend Ian is a very good one, so I began discussing things with him and eventually introduced him to Mark.  He started developing a marketing proposal, which has blossomed from a bit of promotional blogging into a full manafesto of why we of Actionize are breaking ground in the way people can do business.  It's pretty exciting, but it's a lot of work I'm effectively writing a book now and when I look at it all I get a bit overwhelmed.  Nobody is getting the memo's that I'm a lazy punk that doesn't deserve this, but some odd part of me really wants to succeed so I find myself devoting less and less time to the small joys of the internet and more to mindmaps of mission statements and defining points of communication over modern networks. 

My brain hurts.  My corporeal job forces me to be up at 4:45am, and my search for a bit of time to chat with my gaming buddies is keeping me up til midnight… I've had 14 days off since the end of June and there's no end in-sight, apparently the Oilfield is slowing down but I'm not seeing it…

So in summary, lazy-ol-me has somehow convinced two sets of employers that I'm a good worker… I feel like the greatest con-man of the blogging world… I think I'm going to have to find someone else to do more work for me.  Any takers?

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