What if…

Once upon a time there was a boy whom everyone believed would one-day become a Catholic Priest.  But this boy could not reconcile with Catholic beliefs and he asked too many questions.  The boy began to believe that most religions have an "our way is the right way" mentality.  But he saw that mankind had a yearning to define the metaphysical and told stories in order to do so, these stories became myths and legends and have metaphysical significance.  The boy believes now that these stories are all equally significant, but only because they touch different people differently. 

The boy wrote this:

Since before the time of recorded history man has contemplated the soul and it's release after death.  The concept of the soul is universal, for people are unable to believe that they simply exist for no reason other than to eat, sleep, shit and fuck until they die.  People all over want to believe that their existence is for some higher reason, and that their animated bodies of flesh are fuelled by something more ethereal then the beefsteak they ate some hours ago.  They believed that their soul went somewhere after death, and developed rituals around that belief.

If the soul is real but ethereal to us, then there are beings to whom our souls our real to them but our solid states ethereal.  These beings are the gods.  Our souls shape them and through time we created powerful gods.  Our myths, legends and prayers shaped them, and when freely offered the gods could take our souls into them empowering them.  They in-turn could transfer that love, that divine energy from us back to us in the form of gifts empowering the mortals they felt worthy.  There are examples of this in our legends.  Achilles, Heracles, Romulus…. these and many more are powerful stories about what the gods in their prime could grant to us in order to spread the myths.  And with the spread of myths, more supplication and thus more power would come to the gods.

As time past we came to rely upon the gods and their gifts, we sacrificed people and animals to them, some willing, some less-so. I personally believe that they sacrificed the virgins, because they didn't want to lose the one's who put out, but that's just me.  But in many ways the gods and their fickle and passionate natures were holding humanity back.  Man could not succeed at anything without the god's approval, crops would die without the proper sacrifices, buildings would not be sound unless an alter was in them.  And if one deity was at odds with another then one could sabotage the boons of another.  This lead to the need to appease many gods, which became magnified because gods were often localized to a particular city or society.  

Would-be conquerers or expansionists had quite the time of it, if they wanted to rule over a particular area, they had to appease the deities of perhaps 10 different tribes, all with multiple gods all of whom did not care for change.  So mystical disruption happened often.  The would be expansionists needed to deal with these rambunctious deities, but their options were limited.  One cannot cut and kill an ethereal being, and killing it's worshippers simply empowered it with the martyred souls which the god would use to empower those who would battle the conquerer. 

The solution was not to kill through violence, but through starvation.  People had to be convinced not to worship their gods, but no one would believe that gods did not exist, for there was plenty of proof they did, however if they were offered the chance to pray to a more powerful god, a god of everything that promised them something they all desired, the freedom of the soul in bliss after death, that would convert them.

And so a false god was created, one to usurp the the many deities, so that the powerful could rule over.  It was a one god, and it did not exist like the gods did, it had no name or personality, and instead of granting anything through worship there was only one promise, be-good, obey, be docile and you will go to a happy place at the end of your life.  Small rituals were taught to them in the name of this false god to keep the souls from haunting the earth, and humanity was converted.  Within a thousand years nearly 80% of every person on earth was firmly believing that there was a single god in one way or another.  For some their spiritual beliefs were rooted in the concept of reincarnation, others in an afterlife.  But ultimately the purpose was served.  People were easily commanded, and gods were dead or so it was believed… 


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