Battles with Caffeine

All last night I was plagued with a splitting headache.  It wasn't pleasant, but still I got more sleep than the two previous nights combined. 

I figure that the headache was withdrawal.  Over the past few weeks I've discovered that caffeine is good for getting writing done and I've had a lot of writing to do lately.  I needed the extra juice to keep me focused.  My medic job makes it so that I've been waking up at 0500 for the past three weeks (sometimes earlier) and like a stubborn idiot I refuse to let little things like sleep get in the way of my social life.  So I've been going to sleep at 11pm or later usually functioning on 5 hours of sleep a night. 

I'm not an addictive personality… I hate the idea of being enslaved by anything (yes people even my job), I smoke cigars but not at work.  And I only smoke cubans or the sort that don't have a load of nice addictive poisons added.  It's an indulgiance for me, not an addiction.  I don't drink heavily but I do enjoy my beer, but rarely exceed drinking one or two a day.  I love my mochas and I find tea pleasant and the stimulation helps my work, but it's not a fix. 

So yesterday without even thinking about it I consumed no caffeine.  The morning bev was green tea, not black (I hear things about anti-oxidants and stuff) and I just never got around to any coffee.  By 6pm I was a dead man walking and by 8 I bowed out of the IM conversations with my friends to catch an early night as my headache was developing.  Sleep was fitful, my body simply wasn't geared for the potential 9 hours I was granting it and I was up 3 times throughout the night each time the headache pounding in my temples. 

This morning the 5 o'clock stomp was painful and I resolved to take some tylenol once I got to site.  But it seems the green tea I consumed once again this morning has conquered my withdrawal and I am feeling fine and alert, no painkillers needed, which I'm pleased about.  I'm not a big fan of taking painkillers and would rather see the issue that caused the pain resolved.  Gotta take care of your self you know… 


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2 Responses to Battles with Caffeine

  1. crystal says:

    I was a slave to caffaine,it was really bad as it had become my god,my whole day revolved around coffee.I loved everything about it,the high I got from it,the surge of energy,the smell,the taste and how I could change it's taste,but in the end ,it was the pure black strong liquid that won out.
    It has something to do with the culture of the country I grew up in,where everything revolvoes around coffee drinking,it seems.
    But God is a jealous God and had ,had enough,so in one day He delivered me off of it,without pain and more energy than ever.And best of all a dislike to it.I am amazed at what happned to me.Tea tastes much better to me and is good for me too,especiaally with milk and honey.

  2. Flying Solo says:

    An indulgence not a addiction…I like that! I feel the same way about things like drinking and all that…I only do it so long as I am enjoying it. :)I second the green tea drinking though…it's a nice, mild caffeine pick you up.

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