A Rant on Some of My Fellows

Aright, it's starting to annoy me now… it seems like there's some people who seem to want to change their profile photo's compulsively and I'm taking a stand saying "I don't like it."

I can understand if someone takes a fair number of self portrates and feels that by showing multiple pictures of themselves they can show different sides of their identity, and I can certainly understand putting a better picture up. 

But when bloggers post an icon or a cartoon character or an animal or whatever, they should goddam well stick to it! 

For you bloggers that like to switch whatever it is you put as your profile photo in leau of your picture, you don't wanna show your face, fine I get that, but that picture is a visual representation of your IDENTITY!  I use it to identify you when I'm surfing through looking at my neighborhood's posts.  When you change your photo to something completely different I don't recognise you.  It's like I have to get re-aquainted all over again, and it's frustrating.  Yes I understand that people evolve and a picture that seemed so perfect a year ago doesn't seem to fit now, I can accept that.  But for those of you who switch it up every other day, please know that in my eyes you've just lost some credibility as a blogger.

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One Response to A Rant on Some of My Fellows

  1. M says:

    Everyone should just post, porno naked pictures of themselves, then we can all picturefuck.

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