Toe Knee’s Happy Days

Sept 25 and 26 are happy days for me.  Two long awaited things are released for me to purchase like a gleeful little consumer.

Vol. II

Interestingly enough, I will be purchasing both of these items not once, but TWICE!  I've allready purchased Hurt Vol II on itunes (first itunes purchase ever for me actually) and I'll be buying the CD as well once I manage to find a copy in some more civilised area that I find myself in. 

Exalted the Sidereals will be available digitally on tomorrow and it'll be mine the second it hits it.  I could wait a few extra days for it to hit the IRC hubs but I'll pay the money to have it RFN.  I'll also be ordering a physical copy once I get back into town as well, I've done the same thing with many other Exalted books.  (Anyone who says digitalisation is eating profits is on crack.)

Stay tuned for full reviews of both.

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