I R Here

I don't usually mark my posts as neighborhood only, but I've decided to be cautious on this one.  I thought it would be a cool idea to correlate location with the pictures I've taken out while I'm working.  And google maps has a handy widget for you all to check it out.  Hope some of you find this interesting.


Ojay Map

First, the interactive map to let my creepy stalkers find me.  (haha I wish)


Now the edited version.  I've marked some of the locations I've taken pictures, along with arrows indicating the direction I believe the camera was pointed.  I've conveniently numbered the pic's so that you'll see what I see.  The yellow circles are the worksite where I've spent the last month at and the industrial camp that I to sleep at.

Picture Time!!!









There.  That's ojay.  It's a real place in the mountains where the roads turn to death on skates when it rains and the grey jays eat right out of your hands. 

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