Opinions on Blogging Etiquette…

Aright, I'm gonna throw this one out there and see what I get back.  See, more and more I'm tossing blog feeds on my RSS that aren't affiliated with Vox, some of them I need to use on my other blogs and some I want to bring here, but I'm always sort of wondering what's appropriate…

I know there's no 'Law of Blogging' and god help us if there were, but there are certain copywright laws (that I don't know all that well) meaning that a certain degree of common sense should be excercised when grabbing another person's works.  Don't call it your own, and don't modify it and still call it theirs.  Those are obvious, also I always try to credit my sources with a link.  Links are the rewards good bloggers get for good content and it boosts their Google juice and is never ever a bad thing.  Trackbacks are a way of linking too, and I think they're nothing but good because they're self-moderating, you're linking directly back to your own blog so theres far less abuse and unwarranted flaming that way.  Unfortunately if Vox has a way of doing trackbacks I've not found it yet…

One thing I'm curious about is clipping, last night I noticed this which was clipped from a blog outside vox… I though this was a great feature that would allow me to grab things in a uniform sort of way and properly credit the person I'm grabbing it from.  I went to clipmarks and installed the software to see how it goes but haven't tried it yet.  I'm interested in seeing how they benefit both the person grabbing the work and the person who produced the work in the first place.

I'd like to hear from you guys any personal opinions on grabbing other's content.  You know where the comment field is!

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