North American Union V Chip Conspiracy

My Friend Patricia posted this, which I thought was really truly thought provoking.  I did some reserch about the topics she mentioned and a friend told me to check out this video.  It's frightening stuff and I'm posting it to promote awareness. 



Honestly I'm just as guilty as anyone.  I'm not all that well informed regarding this stuff, and I own a cell phone with a camera, that isn't really mine but I rent it and think it's mine.  I'm sure every picture I ever take with it is sent to the telecommunication network's databases and remembered while my locations are documented.  And I'm not getting rid of it… I hope that I'm never so desperate that I'll submit to "tagging".

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One Response to North American Union V Chip Conspiracy

  1. Bluebird says:

    This film certainly made me realize one thing and that is who to vote for now.

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