Facebook App Rating Teachers… Genius or Madness?

Well, this is my first attempt at using clipmarks to share some postings… so far I'm not overly impressed.  It voxed my post without allowing me to edit any aspect of the post, I might want to label it friends only or something… I think there should be a way to edit in Vox before sending it off to the public… but it's a first try, I'll keep at it. 

Anyhow this is an incomplete thought for an article that I'll hopefully publish on coactionize.  I've been exploring the idea that social networking allows people to advertise their credentials by letting their clients recommend them across the network.  This rating teachers thing might seem juvinile in "rating a professor's hottness" but on second glance it's extremely powerful.  What is it worth for a college or university to have the "top rated teachers" by the students on a network that all the students are using???  Great teachers open minds, and students revere them, they'll praise a professor endlessly given the opportunity and with an app like this it will suddenly become obvious who the best teachers are!

Now I'm wondering what other professions this could work with?

clipped from mashable.com

RateMyProfesors.com has launched a new set of annual rankings, including the top rated professors, as well as the hottest, as rated by students at universities across the country. The lists are compiled from what now include more than 7.5 million ratings from students on the site.

Additionally, RateMyProfessors has introduced “Professor Rebuttal,” a way for teachers to respond to the student reviews, a feature that many professors probably thought was long overdue. Finally, RateMyProfessors also launched a Facebook application that lets users search for teacher rankings on the social networking site.

RateMyProfessors is owned by MTV, and actively marketed as part of the network’s mtvU college initiative. If you would like to check out the rankings, they are available at top50.ratemyprofessors.com.


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