The Root of All Evil

A long time ago I decided that I didn’t believe in Good and Evil.  Sure I believe in kindness, morals, ethics, innocence, pleasure, fun, corruption, deceit, anger, hatred, imbalance and discord.  But I don’t necessarily correlate those things with being good and evil. 


I asked myself, what is evil?  Is it a black sludge that taints our souls?  Is it the motive behind our actions?  Animals don’t grasp the idea of good and evil, to them there is survival and dominance.  And in-fact, the concept of evil as it exists today is a relatively new development of humanity, and in-fact was really truly nurtured by monotheisms.  The idea of opposites, of black and white, where there is no grey, only varying degrees of blackness and whitewash, I think is the natural development of the idea that there is only one god. 


In fact, why is there only one God?  He’s the god of everything right… oh, but he’s not the god of bad stuff.  For the bad stuff there’s another guy, but he’s not a god, he’s something else, but we’ll pay more attention to him, because there’s definitely more bad stuff then there is good… right?


The problem I have with Good and Evil is that there is no depth to the perception.  What’s detrimental for one could be beneficial to thousands?  Is the act evil to that one person?  To him it likely appears so.  If a general commands a battle that kills thousands, is he evil?   If a populace rebels against it’s leaders and starts a revolution that installs a new government are they evil acts?  Is the result of those acts tainted by them?


I examined the most heinous act I could think of when I was considering my beliefs, the rape of a child.  How could such an act NOT be considered evil in the purest sense of the word?  But what is it that makes such a thing so accursed?  Why do normal people revile that act so, and still, why do people do it?  We humans consider innocence precious, we see the potential of a new person and it makes us feel good inside, and the idea that someone in a fit of selfish lust and desire would take that good feeling of innocence from a precious being and forever taint their lives is very unsettling.  Why would someone do that if not completely motivated by evil?


Partially I can understand the motives behind desiring a person who’s not considered “of age” by our society.  Youth = Virility, and at one point 14 was considered a fine and appropriate age to be sexually active.  It would likely still be appropriate if it weren’t for the consequences of irresponsible sexual activity are quite difficult to handle for a person who’s not yet ascended to a position of independence in our society.  But what of those who rape children prepubescent, undeveloped, children?  There things are hard to quantify with logic.

Illogical, irrational acts of cruelty and aberrant behavior, are hard to explain, but they obviously exist but certainly not to the degree that certain religious groups would claim. 


There is cause and effect to everything, and it is in understanding that cause and effect that we can better understand how to control that cause and effect and eliminate the undesired result. 


But control… control of everything, eliminating every act deemed unfavorable… what of that?


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