I was just reading a very interesting article about MDMA (Extacy) getting approved in the US to be used in studies for people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress and severe anxiety disorders… and I couldn't help but think; "Wow, someone thinks a recreational drug might make people happy…"

Wierd huh.

I was reminded of an episode of House where the good doctor perscribes cigarettes for some disorder de-jour in the clinic. I don't recall it being stress related in the show, but weeks later my GF's mother went into the doctor because her anxiety was causing physical backlash and panic attacks and her doctor "recommended" that she "consider" taking up smoking again.  (She had quit 8 months prior.)  Her husband and daughters have noticed a significant difference, but I shall remain silent.  (Cue various mother-in-law jokes.)

All this sort of makes me wonder why the government ties doctor's hands when it comes to doing reserch studies with certain drugs?  Most of the drugs they perscribe are potentially addictive with dangerous side-effects anyways, but somehow if they're being used on the street they're automatically bad drugs and have no medicinal purposes whatsoever… or maybe there's some idea circling around in politician's brains that by allowing these drugs to be used medicinally that people will be taking their scrips to some shady character on a street corner.

The part of me that thinks I have an idea of how the world works knows that most of this is to do with the fact that pharmaceutical companies have more to do with this than anything.  After all drug companies contribute far more to election campaigns than a bunch of sick people in an activist group.  But there's a shift now… the Bush administration has thus-far not been known for it's liberal stance on health-care… so why such a bold move now?  I think part of it lies in the popular shift of public opinion… one of the top rated TV shows in the country has a protagonist who is addicted to opiates and is *gasp* … a doctor!  Don't let your kids watch that!  It'll corrupt them for sure!!!

Maybe it allready has.

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