W(here) TF is Toe Knee (Part 2)

This is likely to become a series.  I disappear from the blogging world for weeks at a time and then post some dashing return in delecate prose as if you were adoring fans that actually gave a shit about what I have to write.  Ah illusions what would we do without them…

The main cluprit for my absence is BIO SHOCK, good game.  I insisted on finishing it and finally I pulled it off, I agree with Yahtzee on his opinion of the ending, I can think of way cooler endings than the sunshine and roses one I was splashed with… I was actually thinking a little gameplay element like getting a level editor as a way of saying you get to take over Rapture might be a good start.

I've also spent last week in the classroom certifying my advanced first aid.  I like the term advanced first aid, it seems to describe how I feel about my training.  I'm not a doctor, not a paramedic, but I do have skills, I am trained to react a certain way, and for the first time in all my 8 years of doing medical standby I feel like I deserve to be justified as trained in that way.  It's a good feeling. 

We have to recertify our first aid every 2 years to keep our tickets.   A policy I believe in, this time around a screw up put me in a course that I didn't really expect and I'm glad it happened, our instructor(s) were excellent, both working in the ambulance for years and years, they've seen lots, and it's nice to have that perspective. 

Today I'm off to the bank to consolidate 2 loans… one my truck payment and one a "interest free no payment" loan for furniture from the Brick.  Never gonna do that shit again… they say no interest but they charge a transaction fee… every month… misleading fuckers.

So hopefully if the loan goes through I'll have a few extra bucks kickin about to buy a shiny new sattelite internet system that will allow me to have unrestriced internet out on my rig for the winter.  Which I intend to use to make some money writing, and keep in touch with you guys. 

Jeeze, with an absense as long as mine you'd think the glourious return post would be a bit longer…

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