Like Daughter… like Mother

It's been a while since I've written something personal about what I think.  I can make this public because there is a barrier between my online life and my physical life that I could blast holes in with a pile driver and the very next day would be sealed up tighter than a drum.  Really it's no matter because if the people I wrote about did know this then at least they'd know how I felt, this is the gospel truth, but it's sensitive to the parties involved so contrary to my usual modus opperandi, I've not spoke up.

If you look way back in my earliest posts there's mention that I don't put a lot of stock in our modern education system.  Don't get me wrong, if I had the money I'd go to school for the next 10 years and learn everything I could, but I see post secondary school as more of an expensive luxury rather than a necessity of life.  And like all luxuries, to just hand a kid (or anyone) one that hasn't earned it himself is a guaranteed way to have it squandered unappreciated.

I have a very good friend who shares my opinion and amplifies it.  She values many important things, work ethic, cleanliness, social skills, freedom of speech, self esteem, and passion for life, but she feels that education is far below all these things.  Part of this I'm certain is her own inability to realize that she's smart enough to be educated, or that she just thinks that she's too old to learn more.  I don't see this, everything she sets her mind to she becomes excellent at, the woman doesn't know how to fail.  But she can and will never get beyond her stigma against conventional learnings.

This prejudice has been transferred to her daughter who's now in high school.  This girl is everything her mother is exactly.  And suprise suprise she's at the brink of being kicked out of school for negligable attendance and disrespecting her teachers.  Her mother is freaking of course, but she created this girl who has exactly the same values and prejudices as herself. 

Subconciously this daughter is just looking for approval.  She wants to be her mother and work hard and forge a life just like she did, and education is no part of that.

Here's the clincher though, this girl, for reasons I don't pretend to fathom, also looks to me for approval too.  She's becoming exactly what I expected her to, but I know she could be so much more, she's a bright, assertive, driven girl who could become so much if she wasn't destined to have a baby at 17.  So I can't help but try and challenge her a bit.

Perhaps this society suffers from the fact that we don't tell our kids what they're capable of and make them do it…

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