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There's been a bit of a development in the works for me to start writing for a blog with a "Fuck the System" theme, which is to be about independant ventures in business using online tools… and it's supposed to be fairly graphic.  I'm supposed to be writing all sorts of articles for it, but I've had a pretty severe case of writers block (or lazyness) this week so this is the first one I've pumped out.  Let me know if you like it, hate it, find it too graphic or just lame and cliche…

The RIAA is now looking to the Democrats for it’s next supply of roofies before it begins it’s weekly rounds to US campuses. 


The College Opportunity and Affordability Act(PDF) is a pretty name, like a crack whore might be pretty after you’ve had 5 martini’s, but before your doctor diagnoses you with a dozen STD’s that won’t be so bad if you would just stop scratching.


Inside this bloated whale of bill (747 pages) is a quaint little smudge of lipstick sponsored by the RIAA that would force universities to disclose their polices and procedures relating to copyright enforcement and explore new and creative ways to “deter” students from piracy, or those universities lose federal funding…


The amusing thing about all this is that in another year all this will be for naught.  Google and it’s other hunky online pals are coming together and will be hosting some parties where the RIAA and it’s grotesque buddies with their Rohypnol laden drinks won’t be invited.  Students won’t NEED to download illegally!  Instead their Android phones will simply line up a list of youtube videos with legitimate advertising already built in. 


And where will the RIAA be?  It’ll be on the outside looking in, with a sack full of roofies and no one to fuck.


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