Woman’s Intuition

Have you ever met a woman who has deductive reasoning that surpasses logic and ventures into the realm of clairvoyance?  I've had the pleasure of meeting a few such women in my lifetime thus far and I've always found their presence a boon. 

My first exposure to the phenominon was about 10 years ago.  My family had finally got internet at our home and I was experiencing the joys of ICQ for the first time.  I was then very much like I am now, I would go online and let others seek me out instead of going looking for them.  This passive approach was far more successful then than it is now, and people from my home town would find me would find me daily, however they had no idea who I was.

These days the concept of using an fake name online is certainly nothing odd, but back then it wasn't as prolific.  I used the name Tain (and you can still find it on my skype profile today) and I enjoyed the game of "who are you and do I know you?" that I enevitably played with everyone. 

One boy who'd I'd known from church when I was quite young contacted me and the game insued.  I knew instantly who he was, even though it had been at least 4 years since I had seen him last.  I wasn't throwing any bones to him, and he spent the next 3 hours wondering who I was.  Suddenly he guessed correctly "TOE-KNEE!"  He exclaimed through the ICQ window.  And I confirmed it. 

I later found out that it had been his mother Susan who had told him who I was.  She had looked over his sholder for about 5 posts of random conversation then told him.  I know for certain that I'd not seen Susan since I was a very small child, perhaps 4 or 5. 

Kyle was never suprised by this.  To him, his mother had always been a magical creature with powers no man could comprehend.  To me she's one of the most dynamic women I've ever met.  She's the only one of my friends' mothers who I can drink with and have a blast, and you really can't hide anything from her.  Lying wasn't a big issue in her house because you simply couldn't do it.  But it was always an odd place, things that would send other parents off the deep end were met with bemused smiles by her.  I remember in the span of one week everyone in the house went from non-smokers to all smoking like they'd done it all their lives.  Her, her husband to-be, her teenage kids, all of them started smoking at once.  It was like they held a family meeting and decided that was going to be the new family activity. 

I don't get to see Susan much these days since she moved out of town, but any time I do it's always a good time.

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