I Want Freedom of Information BACK!

This is the real damage that governments and the corporations they're in bed with cause. 

"Effective Jan. 1, dairies selling milk in Pennsylvania, the nation's fifth-largest dairy state, will be banned from advertising on milk containers that their product comes from cows that have never been treated with rBST, or recombinant bovine somatotropin."

Monsanto spokesman Michael Doane said the hormone-free label "implies to consumers, who may or may not be informed on these issues, that there's a health-and-safety difference between these two milks, that there's 'good' milk and 'bad' milk, and we know that's not the case."

rBST is banned in Canada thank god, but what really gets my hackles up is that this is indicitive of a larger more encompassing problem in North America today.  Freedom of information has been completely replaced.  This is why I'm against the AMPTP, the big five control too much information and they spoon feed us what they want to.  This story about how the media moguls have been using Variety to try and sabotage the WGA is an example of this. 

Previous: When the strike is over, and one day far into the future that will be true, media critics may have a field day dissecting the slanted coverage and total fabrications which Variety is reporting in these early days of the strike. varietyno.JPGBut for now, I'll do it. How much longer is this going to be allowed to continue by parent company Reed Business? The trade's Jason Blairs — oh, excuse me, Josef Adalian and Dave McNary — keep inventing stories which purport to show that less than 2 weeks into the strike wither the WGA's resolve is withering, and/or its writers are going back to work, and/or even its late show iconic hosts are going to double-cross their teams of scribes. Just one problem: those stories are either totally fabricated or highly exaggerated, made worse by headlines which are not borne out by the content of the articles. The latest is Variety's bullshit article today that the late night hosts may be going back to work after Thanksgiving while their teams of writers walk the picket lines. I guarantee you this is not the case and no plans are underway. My info is that NBC is putting heat on Conan O'Brien to come back earlier than anyone but he's resisting. I hear no one is telling Dave or Jay or Craig what to do, and they're not even thinking about it. And I know that Jon Stewart is saying privately that he won't even consider coming back until 2008 at the earliest. At the same time, the AMPTP keeps taking out expensive full-page ads in Variety to state its case — as if the trade's editorial pages aren't doing a ridiculously good job of that already. I, for one, am perplexed but also sad to see the day-by-day destruction of Variety's credibility and trust (well, as much as a trade which has always been in the pocket of the Industry can engender…)

Frankly I'm suprised they're resorting to such despicable tactics against a group that makes their living showing the public who the "good guy's" and "bad guys" are.  Do the corporations really think they can beat professional writers in a PR war by publishing lies?  Do they think writers forget how to use keyboards when they're on strike?

I feel that my opinion resonates these days.  We want to be informed about the bad too.  The diefication of Al Gore and his Inconvenient Truth documentary is proving this.  But do we really want to know all the gory details? (No pun intended.)  Seth Godin thinks so.  He recently posted this blog making his point.

A different technique is starting to gain traction, though. Working to reveal instead of conceal. My fish monger in Grand Central has started placing signs in front of each fish. They describe exactly where the fish came from, whether it's healthy and how endangered it is. You'll never see fine print saying "previously frozen." They don't have any fine print. The first few times you visit the stand, it's actually off putting. It takes the romance and pleasure out of buying the fish, because you realize that there's a cost to it. The meat guy across the way doesn't have pictures of cows being slaughtered, does he?

But after a while, because the information is out there, because smart fish buyers already know some fish is endangered, the signs give you power. They allow you to make smart choices. They send a message to the customer about the honesty and intent of the seller. They build trust.

When people find out that the wool is being pulled over their eyes they get MAD!  And it's getting harder to keep the truth covered, and I'm proud to say I'm a part of that.


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