Preliminary Review of 6 Feet Under

Well I'm probably halfway through 6 feet under and I've found it thought compelling. 

I watch a lot of TV seasons, and I recommend a lot, not on this blog really but to friends because I've always felt that TV and movies were personal preferences.  6 Feet under isn't a show I'd recommend to my typical friends, they likely wouldn't see the appeal, in all honesty I don't think I'd see the appeal if I were watching it a year ago…

It's about a family of undertakers, the episodes center around generally 1 burial per episode.  The episode format is just like House, in house the episode always starts with a person getting sick then it moves on to House getting their case.  In 6 Feet, it starts with a person dying and then the family getting the body.

The show deals with sexuality a lot, which in the past year has become something I'm fairly comfortable with.  It deals with elderly sexuality, teenage sexuality, homosexuality, and highly charged emotional baggage sexuality.  But it honestly feels real.  I don't think I could stand it if it didn't come off as legitimately authentic.  Gay scenes in most TV shows generally put me off, in this it seemed so normal.  The awkwardness of the gay brother hating his life and having a moral struggle with being religious and gay at the same time comes off as legitimate and never overplayed.  If it were overplayed I'd be the first to be gone, I can't stand overplayed awkward. (One of the reasons why I had a hard time with the Office.)

What I really like about this show is the way the love comes across as honest, the grieving, the exploration of death and loss, and the shame of betrayal.  It hasn't seemed contrived, and while it might seem boring or predictable to some I find I can't stop watching.

My verdict, if you're an HBO fan and you don't have emotional hangups with sex, then it's worth checking out.  If you want to be shocked and have some action… go watch The Shield.

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One Response to Preliminary Review of 6 Feet Under

  1. crankypants says:

    I rented all (was it 5 or 6?) seasons of SFU last year, and it is one of the best shows ever. As you said, it just feels real, you can relate to everyone in some way, and they don't ignore any of the characters and aren't afraid to touch on things like middle-aged sexuality (gasp! people that aren't young and beautiful and perfect?) or drugs or any topic really. I loved the show as I was watching it but i think it has kind of steeped into me further since then. Wait till you get to the last episode, that is another powerful one. Definitely not a disappointing series wrap-up.

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