I Have a Counterpoint Commenter

Lately I've been uninspired to write anything and it's been showing.  I still comment a lot though.

Over the last few days I got involved with some discussions near and dear to my heart and when that happens I get a bit overzelous in my comments.  Nothing I'd say is straying into fanboi ignorance or god forbid putting me in the same camp as some of the more ignorant flametards I'm sure we've all encountered, but enough that I could definitely rub someone the wrong way. 

So for the first time on Vox I ran into someone I strongly disagreed with on an issue.  It's not often I strongly disagree with anything, I'm pretty easy going for the most part… but some things upset me. 

By upset me what I really mean is that I cannot express how much I dispise these things and in general my purpose in life is to eradicate them.  Crack is one of these things.  I hate crack, and I hate crackheads, I think that all crackheads should be fed crack continuously until they die.  So when I say something upsets me, and you support that particular thing… my feelings are that you can consume whatever it is you stand for until you choke on it.

Over the course of my commenting the past few days I found a supporter of a topic that upset me, and I made my feelings clear, mostly because I was so shocked that he could support it.  I think I was reasonably diplomatic, but he counterpointed and I blasted back some more rhetoric.  It was all quite invigorating, I've been bored lately so having a good arguement wasn't all that unwelcome.  I was baited twice successfully but I decided not to cause trouble, I got my attention, I didn't need to make a fool of myself.

So I find myself somewhat suprised that today on a completely different conversation on a subject I'm not quite as passionate about I find him baiting me again… keep in mind that this is the first time I've ever seen him.  I decided not to take the bait, it would have strayed from the topic of the original post and I don't like showboating like that.  I have absolutely no problem arguing with people but when they stray off topic I try to let it go.  I used to be the sort of guy who always had to be right and I know the tricks.  Switching the subject is just a way to steer the arguement to something that you can win. 

So apparently there's a voxer who's got it in him to get in my face some, which is great.  I don't mind, I'm bored, and if he can discredit me some that's fine too, keeps me honest.  I'm not the better man, and have no desire to be.  So bud, if you're reading this and I think you might be, the ball's in your court.

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One Response to I Have a Counterpoint Commenter

  1. mcco12 says:

    oh i have gotten into it a few times with a couple of people. i try hard to always be diplomatic and react to the argument and not the person, but one person whose argument i wrote against one just reacted with such venom that i felt (and still feel, perhaps) a bit gun shy about it.
    what amazes me is people who can't stand to be disagreed with. like everything they say is the gospel truth and everyone should just bow down and worship it. it's so exasperating!
    but there are a few people who i engage with frequently: we react and respond to each other's comments with intellectual force, though, and not emotion. with these people it's invigorating!

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