Posts have been scarce from me of late… all across the board actually.  I'm just not finding that sweet hot brand of inspiration jabbing into my brain these days.  So I do what I always do when I should be writing something but aren't.  I read, and watch stuff and enrich my life with an infusion of news and pop culture.

That's likely the problem actually, I'm unfocused, not concentrating on a given subject enough to form some cohesive thoughts… news drains creative inspiration and modern TV ravages my analitical capabilities.  So I wish and wash between ideas, rarely being able to settle long enough to accomplish something substantial. 

Creatively I want to work on something involving spanish treasure, lost gods and tropical jungles… just trying to figure out the plot.

Professionally I need to understand internet coding better… so I can understand the back end of the websites I'm involved with…

And personally I'd just like to bring something interesting to you guys to generate some neat and inspiring comments… I've also got an assignment from Patricia that I keep in the back of my mind, but all the topics seem lame. 

And with all this flopping around in my mind like a soggy rubber suit in the dryer, I seem not able to get anything accomplished at all.  At least my game went well last night, it seems that when my productivity is at it's worst my ability to run a consistant role-playing game is at it's strongest.  It's like discipline and creative energy wax and wane in cycles… I wish I could understand them better so to capitalize.

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