Best Scene in Weeds Ever

I'm mowing through "Weeds" like a 13 year-old trying to save up for a Wii.  So I figured I'd share my favorite part.

As an introduction to this scene.  It starts with the house having plumbing troubles, after a complete drainage failure a plumber is called in who announces to the widow mother that her pipes are clogged with tube socks that were being flushed down the toilet.  The plumber suggests that if the widow has any sons that are around 11 or 12 she should consider having "the talk" with them. 

So our widow mother tries to have a talk with her boy, but it doesn't work out so well, so she asks her brother-in-law to have the talk with him instead.  Here's the clip:



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One Response to Best Scene in Weeds Ever

  1. stephanie says:

    that's, by far, my favorite seen too. and there's a lot of intense competition on that show.whoever wrote that script is a genius.

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