A Vox Masquerade Proposal

The other night I had an idea about how to tell the stories I want to tell.  I've had all these ideas in my head wanting to get out, but for some reason I was unable to express them, but now I have an idea.  I would like Voxer's to help me tell these stories.


This is still in the planning stage, but I've decided I need some feedback on certain things.  What I propose is a game where people create alternate persona's, and then create blogs for those alternate persona's.  I in turn would feed people personal and global events which would guide these persona's along the path of the stories I am telling.  The world the stories are told in will seem exactly like our own, but subtle events and changes I make as the story progresses will reveal new things that are happening around everyone and draw different persona's together as they get wrapped up in the events of the story.


I would be setting up a vox account for widespread events in the story, and players would keep track through those stories, however the persona character's account will not be linked to it.  In this way I would hope that players would be able to keep their persona's secret from the other players so that they would have to discover each other by accident.  Of course I wouldn't be able to enforce this, but I would highly suggest it in the name of fun for everyone, even those who aren't involved in the game directly but would just like to watch.


What I'm asking is the following:


-Does any of this make sense? 


-Does it sound interesting or appealing at all? 


-Is creating a new vox account and making up a 'fake' blog too high a barrier of entry? 


I know blogging takes effort, and fake blogging is likely much harder for you if you're not an extremely creative sort.  But I will be with everyone involved to make things very interesting.  I will not reveal anything of the story or setting except for this:  There are things modern man has forgotten.


Any comments questions or opinions on this idea are more than welcome.




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