Stuff and Things

Several years ago after seeing a few incomplete episode of Farscape (Since then I've seen the entire series nearly 3 times.)  I whimsically tried to run a Science Fiction RPG for my two best friends. 

I was not very good at it. 

My descriptions of the alien space station was like this:

"You dock in a huge hangar where a giant rod sticks out which you dock to.  There's stuff and things all around you on a promenade."

My descriptions of the alien life forms was like this:

"A large man wearing a red robe adorned with stuff and things stands before you.  His hair hangs in large dreadlock like brades and stuff.  Around him things the size of large rats roll around."   (I was envisioning a luxan and DRD's for those who know what that stuff is.)

I was actually so bad at this that my friend Kyle made a sign on a piece of paper and would flash it at Ian every time I said "Stuff and Things."  He wouldn't show me what the sign said but I learned later that it said;

"Toe Knee Sucks at Sci-Fi."

The funny thing is, whenever I hear someone say Stuff and Things, I think of that and I chuckle, like it's a joke everyone should get.  What they did mighta been cruel, but I learned from that day.  I've had to teach myself to communicate my ideas because my thought processes don't work like other-people's.  The things I think sometimes don't make as much sense outside my head.


Another friend summarized it aptly, he said; 

"Toe Knee thinks outside the box… all the time… and it's his undoing."


Thinking outside the box is cool and all, but sometimes it really can be your undoing.

Especially when your stuff and things aren't everyone else's

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