The Bucket of Shittyness Overfloweth

Normally I like my job, but it's days like this that I want to tell the world to just fuck right off and let me go home.

On Sunday night I set forth out into the wilderness for a ONE DAY job out here.  It's Wednesday night right now and at this point I'm quite certain the job will take "just one more day" til the end of eternity.  It's like groundhog day, only without nearly as many cute girls to seduce and fresh underwear every morning.

Normally I understand and expect these things as a fact of life out in Ojay, it's called the Ojay triangle for a reason after all, but tomorrow I've got a doctor's appointment I've rescheduled once allready and he's supposed to go over some bloodwork I went for TWO MONTHS ago.  I swear, if I have 5 months to live and I've waisted 3 of them working before I find out, I'm going to be quite pissed.

Speaking of dying, I very nearly did today.  It would have been wonderfully exciting if I had a sense of adventure regarding 300 foot cliffs and tumbling off them, but sadly they don't let me do drugs out here so the appeal is conspicuously absent.  But instead of tumbling over the 300 foot drop into the river I decided to slide my tractionless vehicle into the other ditch where it now rests on a fluffy bed of snow and saplings which probably haven't even done enough damage to warrant the incedent report I'm going to have to write up tomorrow. 

Did I mention that I'm the luckiest fucker alive?  Because I'm pretty sure I have before… several times actually… and  it's true, luck had EVERYTHING to do with this one, I had no traction whatsoever on a 28% hill where I slid AROUND the death drop to land in the only soft ditch there is on the entire hill, I tell you, my guardian angel deserves one mind blowing blowjob from his secretary after that good work.

So anyhow, tomorrow morning they pull my disobedient truck out of it's cozy ditch and I'll go back to site for ONE MORE DAY, and I'll try not to act too suprised when they don't let me leave afterwards. 

So anyhow, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.


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