Crazy Psycho Freak

Tash was watching Trading spouses and had to bring me in for this.  I can't stand this, I couldn't sit through it then and I can't sit through it now.  If you get the chance try to watch the whole show about who she's ranting about, the family she traded with was liked to involve themselves with spirituality and had to walk on tiptoes the entire time as she had one freakout after another.  This grates on my nerves even more than Chris Crocker.

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2 Responses to Crazy Psycho Freak

  1. 8gurl says:

    I've seen that episode several times and it is probably the freakiest one there is. It's like she WANTS to be all mad and upset. She won't even listen to her kids trying to talk to her. I agree with everyone else, she definitely needs some medication of some kind.

  2. I've seen the episode in question. I personally didn't find the pagan family to be obsessed with the 'boo' factor. They just seemed like Californian-type hippies who didn't see any reason to hide their beliefs, and I say that as an ex-Wiccan. Some people like to be surrounded by symbols of their faith, others find it too showy. I know Christians who have pictures of Christ in their house and others who don't. I don't find one as being a more genuine Christian over another. It just depends on how you like to express your faith.I think the kindest thing I can say about the fundamentalist Christian lady is that she wasn't exactly a good advertisement for what Christianity is all about. I genuinely hope she gets help because her family appear to really love her.

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