An Odd Thought

Political blogging is a good way to exercise your mind some days, but proportionately by now my mind should rival Einstein's by now for all the politic blogs I've been reading.

I've learned a lot about the American electoral process in the last few weeks, can't say I'm a fan really, to me it seems like a broken system that doesn't really represent the people's wishes, perhaps it's that I'm still learning.

To understand my view of systems you have to understand my background as a gamer and what I was taught by my mentor Ian.  Role playing game are about wandering a made-up person through a make believe scenario, the system the RPG uses arbitrates the interactions between the made-up person and his environment.  A poor system has holes, inconsistencies and imbalances, and doesn't even attempt to come close approximating how things would be in reality.  A good system will emulate the entire spectrum of the way humans can interact with anything, and the better they do it the more fluidly the game experience will work and the easier it is for someone new to understand how things work because they can just explain what they would do in real life, and the game system can pull it off in a somewhat balanced fashion.

There are a lot of game systems out there, and most of them I won't even bother to look sideways at.  There was actually a period in the early part of this decade where there were less options than ever for the game that I wanted, so unwilling to put up with them, my friends wrote a new system.  And believe me, it is one of the injustices of the universe that that game is not published yet.

Anyhow, what I'm getting at is that for me, when I see a system I don't like I don't really feel confident enough to work with it, and the American Political system is a system I'm not a fan of for sure.  Good thing I'm not an American I guess, but I still feel compelled to say that the system should be changed.

At the heart of my issues is the two-party's only government.  Two parties means you're either a liberal, in favour of a minority-loving nanny state, or you're a conservative who wants God to smite all the gays, as your right to have children is sold to the highest bidder.  Let me tell you, I'm neither.

I'm not saying that both parties are bad, but they're dynastic brands that are resistant to change.  Even if the Republicans and Democrats got completely overhauled and their stances changed across the board, the public would still see the parties the way they always had before, the corporations would still be making deals with the parties the way they had in the past, and the media would still spin its member's actions to suit some outside agenda.  When you look at MacDonalds, you see MacDonalds.  There's an association with that, and it's been drilled into your head for over 20 years, if MacDonalds changed their menu entirely that perception wouldn't change at all, not until they did away with their name and everything that looked old about them. 

So ultimately with two parties there isn't any real choice, the spokesperson for a party can't change anything if the party doesn't want that change to come into effect.  So things that perhaps the country might need, like the shrinking of federal influence, dissolution of the IRS, or returning certain rights and freedom's will never ever come to pass because it's simply NOT in the government's interest to do those things. 

I think that's one thing that GWB might have got right.  Back in the early first campaign he seemed like a man of principles with a strong view of what he wanted America to be, but it's obvious he bought his way into power, and worse he did it with someone else's money.  And then along the line he discovered out that he'd sold the freedom he had for that money.  The man is obviously hog-tied and unable to satisfy the people of his country because he took courses of action to benefit his financiers and now he can't back out.  Perhaps he isn't being forced to do everything he does… but if he isn't – being forced that is – then why is he continuously walking out to address the press and tell the public about all the things he's doing and continuously sounding so stupid about it?

Consider this, perhaps the man knows he's over a barrel, he knows his soul is sold and he has no recourse.  Worse yet, the things he's forced to do don't fit with what he wants for the country, so what does he do?  Well the only thing he can, he goes out in front of the cameras and tells the public what he's doing in the most infuriating way possible.  Sure he'd go down as the worst president America will ever know, but when the wheels of Democracy turn and a new president walks into the office, at least the American people will know what needs to be fixed.  Maybe they won't make the same mistakes…

Probably a long-shot that's off the mark, but who knows, maybe Baby Bush is trapped in a system that's untenable and knows it.

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