Occupying My Mind Today

Lately I've not been studying the world around me nearly so much, and have been pursuing lighter venues.  I'm back into the role-playing with a vengeance but there's a difference this time, for the first time in 3 years I'm finding I'm caught up in a story that's not my own, which is refreshing, challenging and to be honest a little intimidating.

I'm still running exalted, but my pace has slowed… my story is epic and I've got great ideas where I want to take the story, but I'm losing my grasp of the details which is a bit concerning.

However, a good friend of mine has been running a game where I'm just playing and I can't express enough admiration at her skill, it took her a couple months to get her stride but now she's found it and I'm in-awe, I've been gaming for over a decade, and I've never seen that kind of natural talent.  The girl has a gift.

Our styles of running games are very different, I have a tendency to try to concentrate solely on setting and let it react in a dynamic and plausible way to the Player Character's actions, whereas she keeps a tight hold on things, her plots are carefully controlled to deliver maximum story and she's become fantastic at improvising to keep things on-track when we do things that she doesn't expect.  She's telling the story here, and we get tugged along kicking and screaming, whereas I like to may the story my players, pull a string here and there and see how things turn out… my style only works if my players are proactive, whereas hers requires that she keep a strong grip on the independant-minded gamer so that things don't spiral out of control.

My biggest problem with running games these days is that I really have a hard time being bothered to design and think up villain characters… it's a big weakness and one that seriously needs addressing.  Villains aren't much fun for me, because they're just fodder for the PC's to kill.  However when Zi runs games, the Villains are freaking scary beyond belief, and even the allies sit on the razors edge between trustworthy and villains themselves.  One of the biggest problems for my character in her game is finding allies he can trust.

So anyhow, today I sit… musing over villains and trying to get my convoluted ideas in order while laying the groundwork for a big climactic fight that I honestly don't know the outcome of yet… and wishing I could explain it well enough so that you non-gamers out there could understand the enthusiasm I have for these things.  

These are the mediums where I tell my stories…

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