Well I figured I'd post some personal junk just kuz I'm bored before bed.

Still at work, back on Nabors 60 drilling rig.  It's great out here, Tash came out and brought me a few groceries some great new shirts and the second rayman game for the Wii.  I liked the first Rayman and this one isn't too bad either, the music rhythum games aren't tough but they're great excercise for the arms.  I wonder what will happen when Wii Fit comes out and I have it out here… I might actually get into shape… that would be wierd.

So tomorrow I run my Exalted game over Skype starting early… that's very strange for this game, we haven't done an early session in probably over 6 months now.  Maybe I can actually start to get things accomplished in the game again and make it not feel like they're only catching every third episode of a continuing series.

Tash came to visit for the whole day today, which was nice.  It's great to be able to have people visit out here and no one minds.  We played Super Mario Galaxy for a bit, looked over Movie previews, did laundry and did other things I shall not mention 😉  Then she cooked me dinner which was fantastic, I love her and I love this job.  I make money to sit and surf the internets, and I never have to worry about life because I have people handle that stuff for me… it sure beats sliding down roads that resemble ski slopes, that's for sure.  

Speaking of ski slopes, that reminds me of my sister.  Who now has a veritable dream job.  Despite the fact that my family never got into skiing, she bought herself a snowboard in high school and has kept up with it for the last decade, she's still riding on the same board but that will likely change this year as she is now payed to board professionally as a sponsored boarder.  I'm not sure how one gets a gig like that but I have to say that I'm very proud of her for finding a way to do what she loves.  

So anyhow, it's been a good day and I figured I'd share that.  

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