Why More Clicks Will not Yield Extra Ad Bucks: An Open Letter to Vox

Dear Sixapart,

I'd like to thank you for doing your latest revamp.

When I discovered the new changes I thought that I must have missed something because it was so much more difficult to follow what my neighborhood was up to and track what the community I'd become so attached to was saying over Vox.  My commenting and blogging dropped as the additional effort I had to put into tracking my friends was consuming my time to the point where I could not follow as many Voxers as I had previously.  

So decided that instead of your using your homepage which I had been accustomed to, I would begin tracking my neighborhood with an RSS feedreader.  I tried safari's feed options but found them lacking so I wandered through some RSS reader review sites and settled on a feedreader for Mac called Shrook.  Immediately I started feeding my neighborhood's RSS feeds into Shrook and all of a sudden it began posting the number of unread posts I had right in my dock.  I was elated!  Suddenly I was able to track blogs real-time and hop right to the pages I wanted to see without wandering through the tabs.  An added benefit to this is that I'm now able to track the non-Vox blogs I'm interested in much more efficiently.  You've effectively made my life as a blogger much easier.

I might suggest you capitalize best on this redesign by offering your homepage as ad-space for some of these RSS and Atom feedreaders.  Your advertisers will find great payouts by using your valuable real-estate for you really are promoting their products very well.


Toe Knee

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