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So I'm wandering into the fourth week of living on the job, which I don't really mind, but my dispatch has changed my day getting outta here 6 times now.  Since she's started arranging my days off she's changed things every day for the past three days.  Yesterday and the day before it was changed twice.  I'm very accommodating because I'm in a place that I like, and she really is trying her best.  You see our company juggles 40 medics at any given time in the winter, and all those medics go to work at the same time after New-Years, company policy and employment standards dictate that we aren't supposed to work more than 24 days in a row, so of course all of us need to get days off at the same time this time of year which means her job becomes quite difficult.

So anyways I'm hear for at least a couple more days.  

Last week Tash came bearing gifts.  My wardrobe had been lacking in the Hoody area, and so she took it upon herself to buy me some new sweaters.  Her choices were excellent, and along with she got me a Hurley Tee shirt that I really liked.  Tee shirts have been a bit of a problem for me because they have a tendency to to shrink in the wash and then with my wide shoulders and extra padding around the belly have this annoying habit to ride up my waist.  This one didn't and looked really good.  

Last night I took some of my new hoody's and the Hurley Tee Shirt and tossed them in the wash.  I was being careful cold-water only and low heat drying.  But the FUCKING TEE SHIRT SHRUNK ANYWAYS!!!  DAMMIT!
So now I officially hate shirts that shrink in the wash.  If any of you know some good brands that don't shrink I'd love to hear em.  I have a Third Rail tee shirt that's never shrunk an inch in the three years I've owned it… the thing has faded and is worn to the point where a strong gust of wind might vaporize it, but the shirt still looks GOOD because it's never lost it's lines.  I need more of those.

Perhaps I should think about shrinking myself instead of bitching about my shirts shrinking to spite me.  The irrepressibly hot FoxsyDee sent me an invite to a Vox Fitness challenge last night, and I've not joined yet.  I've been humming and hawing about the whole thing and it really is quite shameful.  I read the requirements… before and after measurements or weight, or BFI, or even before and after pictures… and post weekly updates.  Currently my excuse is that I don't own a scale… and I have no clue how to calculate a BFI.  (Don't think the irony of that statement is lost on me as the Google searchbar at the top of my browser glares at me in indignation.)

So anyhow now that I've expressed to the world how lame I am for not taking up the challenge I guess I'll have-to.  Guilt has always been the best motivator for me, better than the carrot or the stick.  Which makes me wonder if anyone has ever tried to multitask and actually beat someone with a carrot…

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