But… It’s my day off…

The 4 days off I had believed would never come became 1 day off.  Yes I'm back at work, but this time I'm in Ojay, yes Ojay, the place where you go in and don't come out, the place where only my epic luck saves me from sliding off cliffs.  The place that is so very NOT my home enjoying my might-have-been 3rd day off. 

I only took 4 days off so I could avoid having to re-pack my things and get up at 4am to drive out here.  *sigh*  Best layed plans huh.

Yesterday my lazy day of lounging around and trying to slash my way through the jungle that is the Oblivion Mod Community was disrupted by my "nice" boss Wes, phoning me up asking for a favor.  (Really, all my bosses are nice, I have 3 when not on a job, the two owners of the company Art and Wes who I rarely see or hear from anymore, and Chad the office manager who's authority I acnowledge only grudgingly because he does payroll.  Even the manager of the office in my home town I don't consider my "boss" because she could never "tell" me to do anything, Though I'd be glad to do anything she asked.  Anyhow, all my bosses are great people in every sense of the word and run a great company, but for some reason Wes is the nice one.  He could tell you he ate your puppy and you'd still like him.)  The favor was that he had scooped a new medic from some Ma and Pa outfit but apparently she was being held hostage by her previous boss's vat-grown ninjas.

So I was being briefed for an extraction mission of the highest importance at 10am on my day off… the pay was quite good for a short job, and I got to use my own equipment which is great because I hate to think the rappelling harnass and small arsenal I have sitting in the secret compartment in my kitchen aren't paying for themselves.

So I waited basically all day for the new-blood's "signal" to begin the operation, but all that wait and preperation payed off and I'm proud to say that none of the details of what went down will ever make the news.  I'm just that good.

Anyhow, my efficiency is such that there were several hours lag time between her extraction and the scheduled evac which was to be performed via the "grey-hound".  So rather than leave our new blood to wait and be ravaged by the elements (It's still -25C out there), we went to ground in the safe house Tash and I use. 

She's a nice girl, I think she'll work out.

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