Back At Work

Had a few days off and now I'm back in my cozy heated shack while the wind howls and it's -20 outside.  This morning my Feedreader had over 500 new messages posted for me to read.  Right now it's at 423.  This number isn't quite accurate because it seems there's a glitch that immediately marks the last 10 feeds as unread whenever someone comments on Vox, it's an annoying bug and might be a dealbreaker with this reader in the future.  

Anyhow, I've been plowing through my feeds trying to catch up and some ideas are coming from it. Here are some of the wonderful things you'll hopefully be seeing on my blog very soon.

A Fitness update for the Vox Fitness challenge.  No I haven't hid from you guys, I am working at it.  More on that later.

A bit of Apple speculation.  The Macbook Air was underwhelming, but I have a feeling it's just a stepping stone, some musings on that later.

Some political theorizing. There were some very odd things I noticed about the Super Tuesday results, especially on the Republican side, I need to look at this further.

An advisory post for guys about sex.  Been considering this one for a while and I intend the tone to be serious and educational, I'm looking forward to writing this one.
See you all very soon.

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